Our Mission

It is our ambition and hope to realize the objective by undertaking achievement activities, with proper planning on a bound basis. Providing students theoretical and practical training by experienced faculties of the respective discipline, special care is given in monitoring and shaping them to fulfill our commitments. Periodical evaluation and assessment of the knowledge gained, development of ability and skills, so, as to face any challenge in future building self confident, course and conviction. We also assist them in getting placement. It is our wish that all the students should come out flying colors.

Our Vision

The vision of INDIAN AVIATION COLLEGE is to mould the youth who are keen to go in the aviation and hospitality industry to highly competent and trained professionals, and thus proving to be the best in the segment. We strive at giving maximum placement to our students both domestically and internationally.



Dubai Accreditation Centre (DAC), approved under the Dubai Municipality, Govt. of Dubai. Accreditation by DAC is formal recognition that a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) is competent to carry out specific tasks, i.e. specific types of tests, calibration methods, inspections, or certification activities. The specific areas of competence are specified in the scope of accreditation.


IAS is a nonprofit, public-benefit corporation that has been providing accreditation services since 1975. IAS accredits a wide range of companies and organizations including governmental entities, commercial businesses, and professional associations. IAS accreditation programs are based on recognized national and international standards that ensure domestic and/or global acceptance of its accreditations.


We proudly introduce ourselves as one of the emerging Institute for Air Hostess training and Personality Development in Bhopal.

INDIAN AVIATION COLLEGE offers most alluring career with Aviation training in Bhopal to those who have a dream to fly high. Indeed the evolving commercial aviation industry both in India as well as abroad is throwing challenges and new career options. As global competition increases the Airline management will be seeking smarter and more knowledgeable candidates with high degree of studied performance which is provided by the training we offer you. We at INDIAN AVIATION COLLEGE train and groom those who are desirous of reaching for the skies and realizing their dreams.

After successful training we provide 100% placement assistance to the candidates. To support this assistance we are proud to say though INDIAN AVIATION COLLEGE has just emerged but we have the most experienced faculty that has trained and groomed hundreds of students who are placed in Domestic as well as International Airlines. INDIAN AVIATION COLLEGE Bhopal is all geared up with latest teaching methodologies and an amazing record for placement of students within their stipulated course time. We keep innovating ourselves to keep up to the demands set by the aviation industry.

Who does not want to earn a handsome salary of six, seven figures per month in a bona fide appointment at a reputed Airlines with the basic academic qualification of high school pass? Join us and we shall make you a fully qualified first class aviation professional.